Jonathan A. Patchen

Practice Group Chair - Tech Litigation (Firmwide) Partner

Jonathan Patchen

San Francisco

P: +1.415.291.6200 F: +1.415.291.6300
  • Schwartz v. Bai Brands LLC, No. 2:19-cv-06249-FMO-RAO (C.D. Cal.). Lead counsel defending drink manufacturer from putative class action.
  • Google, LLC. v. Lior Ron et al., JAMS Arbitration. Represented co-founder of Ottomotto in arbitration claim brought by Google; first-chaired client's defense at two-week, three-arbitrator hearing.
  • SunPower v. Standard Industries, et al., No. 19-CV-349042 (Santa Clara Sup. Ct.). Representing former SunPower executive in litigation asserting, inter alia, trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract, and breach of the duty of loyalty.
  • Howard v. Goldbloom, et al., No. CGC-17-561624 (San Francisco Sup. Ct.).  Represented three venture capital firms in defense of lawsuit alleging breach of fiduciary duty and related claims arising from a financing and subsequent acquisition.
  • Incyte Corp. v. Flexus Biosciences, Inc., et al., No. N15C-09-055 (Del. Super. Ct.). Defended the founders of Flexus Biosciences against a trade secret misappropriation claim in which the plaintiff claimed up to $2.5 billion in damages; achieved defense verdict following two-week trial in October 2018.
  • Wang v. Palo Alto Networks, Inc., et al., No. 12-5579-WHA (N.D. Cal.). Represented co-founder of Palo Alto Networks in defense of trade secret misappropriation and patent infringement claims; argued and won summary judgment on trade secret misappropriation claim. Successfully defended on appeal the overall trial court result. 686 Fed. App’x 890 (2017).
  • AMC Technology, LLC v. Cisco Systems, Inc., No. 11-3403-PSG (N.D. Cal.). Served as lead counsel for plaintiff in breach of contract dispute involving software development and delivery; following multi-day pretrial conference and motion hearing a favorable outcome was achieved.
  • E-Smart Technologies, Inc. v. Drizin, et al., No. 06-5528-MHP (N.D. Cal.). Appointed by the court to represent the Northern District of California in civil contempt proceedings; first-chair trial counsel for bench trial that resulted in the finding of civil contempt (2011 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 53129).
  • McDonald v. Krook, et al., No. 108-CV-126702 (Santa Clara Super. Ct.). Defended pre-merger and post-merger company, CEO, and CFO against breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and constructive fraud claims; prevailed on summary judgment.