About Us


John W. Martin, Managing Partner
Email: john.martin@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +1.650.739.7555

Nick Peacock, Chief Operating Officer
Email: nick.peacock@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +1.713.229.1135

Mark White, Chief Administrative Officer
Email: mark.white@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +1.713.229.1396

Lydia Companion, Chief Financial Officer
Email: lydia.companion@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +1.713.229.1921

Rick Boulin, Chief Information Officer
Email: rick.boulin@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +1.713.229.1615

Tracy Hallenberger, Chief Knowledge Officer
Email: tracy.hallenberger@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +1.713.229.1171

Peter Harper, Director of Information Security
Email: peter.harper@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +44.20.7726.3444

Jessica Hoffman, Director of Professional Development
Email: jessica.hoffman@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +1.212.408.2664

Elizabeth Krichmar, Director of Recruiting
Email: elizabeth.krichmar@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +1.713.229.1827

John Meuser, Director of Human Resources & Administrative Operations
Email: john.meuser@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +1.713.229.1370

John Strange, Director of Pricing & Practice Management
Email: john.strange@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +1.713.229.1494

Sarika Lynch, Director of International Office Administration
Email: sarika.lynch@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +44.20.7726.3421

Julia E. Guttman, General Counsel
Email: julia.guttman@bakerbotts.com
Phone: +1.202.639.7706